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Meet Letitia

Founder & Travel Concierge

Letitia Smith is a thrill-seeking explorer who believes few things in life will impact you asmuch as traveling. Whether she takes to the skies helicoptering over the Great Barrier Reef or touring Marrakesh’s markets for ancient treasures or boating off the docks of Columbia’s historic Cartagena, she’s come back changed. As a travel concierge, Letitia is committed to curating these unique experiences for busy professionals like you, so< travel becomes part of your lifestyle, and all you have to do is pack. She takes the worry and hassles out of planning a vacation, personalizing every detail of your itinerary, wowing you with her service, special perks, upgrades, and 24/7 concierge access while traveling.

We’re a hands-on, creative concierge travel planning company.

Our trips include essential activities, extraordinary sights and unusual experiences that are “off the beaten path – things that few other companies provide. We specialize in all-inclusive, cruises, destination weddings, groups, honeymoons, individual reservations, sports travel, and wellness.

Specialty Areas

  • Group Travel
  • Romance Travel
  • Wellness

Destination Expert

  • Dominica Specialist
  • Pure Grenada Specialist
  • The Guadeloupe Islands Specialist
  • Certified Hawaii Destination Specialist
  • Jamaica Travel Specialist
  • Los Cabos Specialist
  • The Greater Miami and the Beaches Specialist Program
  • Panama Specialist
  • St. Kitts Agent Destination Specialist
  • St. Maarten Specialist
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines Specialist
  • USVI Specialist


  • Accredited Cruise Counsellor
  • Certified Nevis Travel Specialist



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