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Love 2 Travel Vacations is a luxury full-service boutique travel agency, curating custom travel experiences for individual clients, groups and hosted groups.

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Our vision is to become one of the leading Global Travel and Tour Company in the industry. We are planning on becoming the number one choice for all travelers in the whole world.

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Our mission is to provide professional, trusted luxury travel and tours services for individuals, corporate organization, and non-profit organizations. We want to showcase the world’s splendor to our clients by offering a differentiated travel experience matching every individual expectation. Love 2 Travel Vacations also seeks to tailor a vacation experience based on each client’s unique goals and objectives.

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We’re a hands-on, creative concierge travel planning company. Our trips include essential activities, extraordinary sights and unusual experiences that are “off the beaten path – things that few other companies provide. We specialize in all-inclusive, cruises, destination weddings, groups, honeymoons, individual reservations, sports travel, and wellness.
Letitia Smith
Owner & Founder Of Love 2 Travel


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